Gluterate 2% Chemical Sterilant / Disinfectant



Gluterate™ Sterilizing and Disinfecting Solution Gluterate™ is a proprietary, pre-activated formulation for use as a high-level disinfectant/sterilant solution. High-level disinfection is achieved in 20 minutes at 20°C and sterilization in 10 hours at 20°C. It can be used and reused for up to 30 days.

  • Proprietary formulation, pre-activated for long life
  • High-level disinfection in 20 minutes at 20 C
  • 10 Hour Sterilization
  • 30-days use
  • Extremely low off-gassing formulation

Available in 1 Litre bottles and 4 Litre bottles.

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4 litre, 1 litre


Single Bottle, Case of 4, Case of 12